Health center Budva

Primary health care center

Health center Budva

PHI Health Center “BUDVA” received a prestigious award – recognition of Dr. Radovan Zogovic as the best health institution in Montenegro for 2013, by the Medical Chamber of Montenegro.

Support units

Specialist services

Narrow specialties available to citizens in the Budva health center.



Head of service: Dr. Djedovic Sanja, spec. radiologist
Contact phone: 033 / 427-215; 033 / 427-226

Working hours from 07-15h
All recordings are scheduled at the X-ray diagnostics counter on weekdays from 07:00 to 14:00, for scheduling it is necessary to come in person and bring a valid instruction from the chosen doctor.

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Contact phone: 033 / 427-212
Opening hours from 07:00 to 15:00

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The laboratory diagnostics service organizes its work in one shift from 07-14h. The laboratory also works on Saturdays in the period from 08-12h and then emergency patients are admitted.

Blood sampling is performed in the period from 7.15-8.30. The laboratory performs a large number of analyzes that belong to the primary level of health care on very precise and good devices from Roche, Abott, Siemens. All internal quality control analyzes are performed on all devices on a daily basis, as well as external quality control checks.

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Mental health

The Center for Mental Health is at the service of citizens in the treatment of psychiatric illnesses (affective, neurotic, psychotic disorders, addiction, as well as other disorders ...) The principle of ``Open Doors`` is nurtured, according to which citizens and young people in crisis situations can request help and psychological support. The main task of the center is preventive action and nurturing the mental health of its fellow citizens. CMZ has permanent employees. psychiatrist and nurse. It is located on the first floor of the Health Center building.

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Occupational medicine

Occupational medicine as a multidisciplinary field aims to protect and improve the health of employees. It strives to develop and improve safety at work and prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases and injuries at work. The tasks of occupational medicine are also the assessment of working ability, professional rehabilitation as well as the diagnosis and treatment of occupational diseases, work-related diseases and injuries at work.

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Our experienced doctors

A team of expert doctors that are leading our clinic! Meet our staff and visit us for your next problem!

dr Anđela Milić

Specijalizant interne medicine

dr Jelena Zekić

Doktor medicine

dr Jelica Popović

Doktor medicine

dr Nada Tadić

Specijalista pedijatrije

dr Marija Mališić

Spec. dermatovenerologije

dr Dragana Andrić

Specijalista interne medicine

dr Katica Rašković

Spec. opšte medicine

dr Marija Kustudić

Spec. ginekologije i akušerstva

dr Milica Marović

Spec. ginekologije i akušerstva

dr Dragan Hadžić

Doktor medicine

dr Ana Božović

Doktor medicine

dr Marija Zekić

Spec. opšte i porodične medicine

dr Marko Mitrović

Specijalista medicine rada

dr Mirjana Tošić

Spec. opšte medicine

dr Vesna Milutinović

Speci. epidemiolgoije

dr Vasko Roganović

Spec. psihijatrije

dr Vesna Vučetić

Spec. opšte medicine

dr Jovana Rakonić

Specijalizant oflatlmologije

Dr Bojana Šćekić

Doktor medicine

dr Svjetlana Mandić

Spec. mikrobiologije